Let The Good Times Roll

The sun will come out tomorrow, patience is a virtue and kindness is free. 

Everyday that I am abroad here in Italy, I remind myself of how fortunate I am and just how lucky I have it. This reminder keeps me focused, grateful, and positive. 

Recently, I have been seeing blurbs about optimism and various people on social media talking about finding their "zen." In a roundabout way, I have adopted the same mission; to find my zen. Quite possibly, I would modify that saying to "finding my zen more often." 

Being around positive people, being in a calm and beautiful place, having no worries on my mind is my version of zen. To strive to be in that type of environment, everyday, or at least a good portion of my day, is something I really pray for. I pray that everyone has that opportunity. To escape, to release stress or worry and to let in the light; to truly be content and to feel peace. 

Imagine a world where everyone has complete access to all of this. Imagine a world where things weren't necessarily easier for everyone, but held more meaning and intent. Every single person on this earth experiences pain and struggle. We cannot experience a life without such obstacles, we can only endure them, move past them and have the strength to turn around and say, "I took something beautiful away from that." 

If we as individuals took this and made it relevant to what comes, that zen that we are all trying to unlock becomes grander and more wondrous. Things can be a lot scarier in the moment, harder to turn to this way of thought, but with true practice, we bring light into our lives and when we let in this light for ourselves, we can bring the light to others. 

I am always ready to jump to another lilly pad. I love the thrill of being happy and who doesn't? One of my grandparents best friends, Mrs. Mary Beatty Muse, recently passed away. Her life is truly a remarkable story and as a strong mother of 11 children, she lived her life with joy and purpose. 

"There are no barriers, just obstacles. And obstacles are opportunities!" 

When we push past the obstacles, we grab the opportunities in front of us and we learn to walk lighter. That is when things become zen for us all. 

Be kind to everyone you meet. Do everything and do it with zest. Quoting Diane von Furstenberg, who I admire so much, "Love is life is love."

Photography done by Dominique Hessert

As a last tidbit, since everyone has been asking me, my trip with one of my best friends Eliza to Milan was so amazing! We went to explore the fashion world there and were able to experience some amazing things during our short time there for fashion week. Nina Garcia, fashion director at Marie Claire and Elle magazine, walked past us. We stood so close to Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue. Most of all? We enjoyed the unknown of going there and the time we got to spend together! 

My outfit was 1970's inspired with overalls that have a flare leg and a fabulous leather jacket that Eliza lent to me. I also had a orange statement bag that has, "Life is a party" written on it. How relevant! 

Eliza's outfit reminded me of the fabulous Audrey Hepburn, with an all black ensemble complete with an amazing patterned coat, burgundy bag and nude shoes. Bonus: her shoes have bows on the heels! We felt so fabulous in our looks! 

Thank you to Megan (@mjjmerk on Instagram) for the photography in this photo! One of the highlights during the day was meeting her!

Check back next week to see more of my adventures :) Love to all of my readers out there!

Greyfully Yours,