Wanting and expecting? No. Dreaming and hoping? Yes.

Life forces us to leave behind our expectations and to look beyond to the things we would like in life. If we expect, we leave ourselves susceptible to disappointment and disappointment doesn't make anyone feel better! I can remember when I was young around the holidays or around my birthday where I would always tell my parents (or whoever was a likely gift buyer) what I "wanted" for that occasion. My dad would always tell me in response, "Don't say you want, you should say you would 'like'." 

As a young girl, I didn't fully understand what he meant, I only knew he was being serious. Today, I look back on those memories and I "get it." When I was saying, "I want..." I was being greedy and expecting that because I said I wanted it, I would get it. After all of the times not getting what I asked for, you would think I would have learned sooner. It's those moments where you have deja vu and you take away something greater than the first time that are seriously so important. I have a lot of people to be grateful for in teaching me valuable lessons and sometimes I just sing to the tune of Bob Dylan, "You can't always get what you want!" 



 Shirt and skirt;






Spring is here in Florence! As if you couldn't tell by my choice of outfit. I am so ready for the warmer weather, color, statement pieces and cute shoes! Come back next week for a special guest post here on WGSAY!

All photography done by Dominique Hessert Photography

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