"May your dreams reflect your hopes, not your fears." -Nelson Mandela

All Photography courtesy of Dominique Hessert Photography.

Science and math were never strong suits of mine. I am definitely a creative personality and I love things that are visual and hands on! Playing dress up, art, posing for pictures, writing... not much has changed since I was 5! But truthfully, so much




Ann Taylor Loft.






Banana Republic.


Ann Taylor.

My parents can testify to this I am sure; I have come a long way! In high school, classes were difficult for me to get through and I didn't graduate with the best GPA in my class, but in those years I learned to work harder than ever. Of course, I didn't realise this until later, but I have everything it takes to achieve my dreams. Guess what, you do too! It is never too late to push the pedal to the metal and go after what you want. 

The luck of the Irish? Maybe it helps to have that too, but to get anywhere in life, you need to be willing to


. Like my grandfather says, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." I have applied that quote to so many things in my life.

 Three years ago, studying abroad was a dream, something I really hoped to do. Here I am studying at Florence University of the Arts achieving that dream and doing it in style while balancing 5 classes. 

Two years ago, running a fashion blog on my own, having followers and keeping up with it was a dream. If it wasn't for my mom telling me to do it (and coming up with the name of my blog), I wouldn't have jumped so high to do this! Here I am, two years later with the memories of all of the amazing things I have had the chance to do through my blog and I am so proud of it! 

Meeting Simon Doonan, creative director at Barney's New York, fashion shows, Proactiv+ partnership, Her Campus Blogger Network, Milan Fashion Week... I still need to be pinched. 

So results mean a lot, but what I value the most and what


 counts is the


. The blood, sweat and tears that I put into the things I am passionate about is what is most important. 

Like I said, in high school, things were different for me. Today, I thrive on the push and pull of hard work. I love to work harder than ever. Why? I trust myself and I believe in ME. I know I can do anything if I put in the work and do it with my whole heart. 

                                                                        Everyone can!  

Those dreams you have had for as long as you can remember? Live them. Have faith and keep going, you are bound to wake up one day and realise you are living those dreams. I know I did. 

Greyfully Yours,