Say Pecorino!

A group of children on a field trip are passing by in a single file line by the Arno River. As I look down to switch the settings of my camera, I hear little voices saying "Hello!" "Ciao!" to the beautiful girl with the flowers. She waves back, returning a hello to them. As the rest of the pack continues to pass, she comments, "Wow, that made my whole day!"

 Meet one of my closest friends, Eliza.

Eliza isn't just someone with great style and elegance; she is confident and lives her life full of light and philosophy. To say that it is a joy to be around her would be an understatement. To surround oneself with positive people is the best way to live and to love.  

I chose to switch things up this week and do my own photography for you all. One of the reasons why I did so was to introduce you all to one of the very important people who has influenced me in some of the most beautiful ways and who has helped make my semester abroad the best few months of my life! Eliza was generous enough to hop in front of the camera. 

So I dressed her in something simple, effortless and difficult to not love. Just like her! When it comes to dressing and showing off one's assets, I always believe that revealing less is more. With this outfit, I really wanted to show off the length of her legs with the nude wedges and the elegance of her dΓ©colletage. Blue jeans and easy accessories make this a casual yet very chic ensemble. A pair of statement earrings and a bouquet of ivory roses were the perfect finishing touches!




7 For All Mankind.


Franco Sarto.


Michael Kors.

As the close of the semester is coming for many and it can be a stressful time of year, I encourage you all to inhale the positive and exhale the negative! Something to brighten your day can be walking right by you, you never know!

 Stay tuned for more with Eliza! Thank you for reading and be sure to keep up with me on social media @whengreyskiesRU

All photography done by yours truly. Model: Eliza.

Greyfully Yours,