Feels Like Home

It feels like I never left, but I guess that's what home should feel like! 

The day I was traveling to return to Boston was one of the longest days of my life. I finally touched down on the runway and there was a huge tidal wave of joy that washed over me. 

Shirt; from Attitudes.

Jeans; Zara.

Shoes; Franco Sarto.

Of course, nothing could ever be easy so after waiting for an hour (very anxiously) at the baggage claim, I found out that I was not going to get my luggage back that night. 

Great, the four months worth of clothing was lost and all of my make up with it. I have to admit, I was nervous I wouldn't get it back (don't worry, I did). 

Once my anxiety was put aside, I remembered who was waiting for me; my family.

After leaving the claim office, I turned the corner to where the international arrivals terminal was. The airport security would not let me enter the area where I should have come out to, so my family wouldn't get that "big entrance" after all that they had been waiting for. So, I stood there for a second looking at where I should have been. 

There were so many people standing there. Granted, I do not have the best eye sight so this was a stretch, but I saw red, white and blue balloons and I knew that the family holding them had to be mine. 

So I started running.

Clutch from MapSacks by Linda Keough with my favorite places in Italy! 

I rarely exercise and I had a twenty pound carry on suitcase on my shoulder, but I was running. As I got closer, I realized my assumption about the balloons was correct so I started yelling "Hey guys!" "Guys!" Then I was practically there coming up behind them and I said, "Hey!" and they finally turned around. Suddenly, I was enveloped in the hugs and tears and I was laughing really hard. The situation with my baggage made for what one would think would be an anti-climactic scene, but for me it wasn't.

Running towards my mom and dad, my sisters and my grandparents after not seeing them for four months was one of the most exhilarating experiences and I enjoyed surprising them instead of them surprising me! The balloons and signs are still up in my house and I am drinking my favorite coffee. I've seen some of my friends and I have already walked up and down Newbury Street. 

This is what feels like home to me! 

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Greyfully Yours,