Tied Back

The hourglass has been draining that sand for the past few months and it is almost down to the last few grains of my semester abroad in Florence. Although I won't be in Italy after next week, the memories I have made here will be with me forever!

All Photography courtesy of Dominique Hessert Photography.

So now it's on to summa' summa' time! It has been heating up over here in Firenze and we are all trying to cope with this radical change as best we can! Summer style is always something I have struggled with as weird as that sounds. It's difficult because I love layers and of course when it is super hot, those layers are not a possibility! 




Calvin Klein.


 from a boutique in Barcelona.





With that being said, I was inspired by the fashions of the MET Gala held in NYC this past Monday. One of my favorite aspects was the art of the head dress. So many guests incorporated something of the sort in their ensembles. Sarah Jessica Parker, Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson, Zendaya, the list goes on and I loved the statement of all of them. So, here I incorporated my new favorite accessory! I found this silk scarf at a vintage boutique here in Florence for a good deal and I love the colors. It's definitely reminiscent of the 1970's with tribute to Jane Birkin and other stars of that age. 

As a lover of hats, I understand that this might be a risk for some people to try out but it's really fun to try different things and go with your playful side. I paired it with a pretty simple bohemian flared outfit with a linen kimono (borrowed from my friend Eliza), a black crop top and high-waisted cut off vintage Calvin Klein jeans. 

I am so excited to see what creative combinations come from the summer heat! Keep up with me on social media @whengreyskiesRU to see how I spend my last week here in Florence, Italy!! 

Greyfully Yours,