Lemonade, a calming breeze and more hours in the day. For many of us, this is how we define summer. For me, all of these are best on the weekend, starting Thursday. 

Everything slows down when it gets to Thursday and Friday. For a long time now, Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week. (Does anyone else have a favorite day?) Since I was young, Thursday has been some sort of relaxation day for me. It probably stems from when it came time to go to the chapel for Adoration on Thursdays in elementary school. It was always a time for peace and reflection and I guess that is how I spend my Thursdays even today! 

Within these Thursdays, I often accomplish a lot even when I am giving myself some R&R. I separate my time in taking my dog, Owen to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee (I do the drinking, he does the panting). I'm usually listening to music and preparing the blog post of the week to be posted and I always take a few moments to center myself in silence and thought. Whether I use up all 24 hours of the day doing this or just 24 minutes, it makes all of the difference. It is the perfect segway to the weekend. 

Of course, weekend means more casual dress. For those days, throw on your favorite sweater (or t-shirt) and a relaxed pair of jeans. Leave your hair undone and natural and your make up light.

 Or choose something more pulled together with light layers. A simple dress, chambray shirt and colorful scarf is an amazing combo that takes two seconds to put together!

 Accessories can make all of the difference, too! A fun bag, cute hat and unique necklace can transform your look. No matter what you're wearing, the weekends are for a giant deep breath to prepare for the week ahead. Kick back and have fun!








Urban Outfitters.




Banana Republic.




Steve Madden.


Ralph Lauren.



Check out our fun sister video!! Yay for filming!

This past weekend, Molly and I got back to photo shooting together once again and I convinced her to jump in front of the camera too! Thank God for my fashion photography class I took over in Florence! Coming up in the next few weeks, I have some awesome things planned. Stay tuned for more collaborations with bloggers, brands and events! 

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