Before I ever leave my house, one question I always ask myself is, "Do I feel confident in this outfit?" 

If the answer is no, I change into something that will make the answer to a yes.

There are so many "rules" when it comes to fashion. Truthfully, I don't believe in sticking to those rules. The one standard I do hold my style to is that I do NOT dress for anyone, but for myself. This is key. Don't dress for any boy or girl; wear what you want to wear because it makes you happy and feel confident. 

This is not to say that dressing to impress is wrong.  Dressing to impress for a job interview, a dinner function or a wedding is always fun and it is important to make sure the level of appropriateness per occasion is consistent. 

Here, I'll give you a good example. 

You're headed to the high school dance and all of your friends have on miniskirts. You feel more confident in your old pair of jeans, but you're afraid that people will think you're weird. Toss the skirt aside and wear your jeans; you'll enjoy your night that much more because you made that decision for you!

A well-fitted blazer, a great pair of jeans, a beautiful top and cute comfy shoes are my ideal version of a great outfit. This usually is when I feel my most confident and powerful! It's an amazing feeling to embrace and to walk with your head up knowing you look great: for


Finding what really "works" for you and gives you that feeling is crucial to defining your style. Fashion is something that changes, your style can be for a while, but confidence is radiant and that is so empowering.

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Greyfully Yours,