Connect The Dots

Year after year, styles fade out and trends re-emerge. I am a huge lover of vintage for that reason! I am also a fanatic for the classics. 

As much as my personal style has fluctuated throughout my years, I always have had this passionate love for the classic, feminine and sophisticated style. When I poked around in my Nana Jan's closet this past weekend, I feasted my eyes on this amazing polka dot jumpsuit from Ralph Lauren that just so happened to fit all of the above criteria. 

Here is a photo of my grandparents! Check out the ensembles on both of them!

My grandmother has always been a style icon of mine. She has some of the best taste and we share a lot of common interests when it comes to shopping. I was so happy to find this recently purchased item!

With a jumpsuit, everything becomes easy. It is a whole ensemble basically rolled into one. As you can see, I let it be just that with minimal accessories. 

Pairing it with a bright red lip and waves, I felt instantly transformed to the retro age I wish I was born in. With brown block sandals, the look is accessible and laid back! Surely, it could also be dressed up with a fancier heel and jewelry as well.

In honor of it being Independence Day over the weekend, I had to throw on this gorgeous silk patriotic scarf (also an item from Nana's closet).

This outfit is everything and timeless. Polka dots have been a favorite pattern for both my Nana Jan and I, but that isn't all we share, clearly! I am so appreciative to take cues from her as not only a style icon, but also as a woman, sister, friend, mother, and grandmother. I am so lucky! 

Thank you to Molly Quinn Photography for all photography in this post!

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