The leaves are falling. For some, there is a sad connotation that comes with fall, but if we really think about it, it's happy.

Even the tallest trees change color and entrust their leaves to the air that carries to them to the ground. As the leaves and the ground meet, they are repurposed and allow for new life to the trees they came from. Autumn is a cycle of giving. In what ways can we bring this virtue of sacrifice into our everyday lives? 

Over the weekend, the weather was perfect for my favorite pair of jeans and a sleeveless sweater. To accessorize this simple outfit, I grabbed my faux shearling bomber jacket. This piece has been in my closet for a long time and has never failed me! Styles such as this one are classic! 

Sweater; Marshall's. Jeans; Lucky Brand. Shoes; Steve Madden. Jacket; Forever21.

Of course, I curled my hair and let my makeup be natural with a slight cranberry lip. This little pop of color is the perfect way to spruce up your makeup routine without too much fuss. I suggest the Clinique chubby sticks!! 

All of the gorgeous photography was done by my sister, Molly Quinn Photography!

Don't forget to "look up" once in a while. There are some gorgeous things to see if you just take the time to appreciate them. This season, be grateful and pass it on.