Typically Me

On the off chance that I am not wearing black and white, I will settle for gray. My color pallette in my closet is limited, but I really enjoy the neutrals that are there for the reason that I can wear so many different combinations. For this post, I wanted to show you all some outfits I feel my best in! 

For this first combo (because maybe you can't tell) I am wearing all black. Some people don't like all black ensembles but I must disagree. Simplicity and elegance can make the outfit so comfortable. I would wear this to an event, to work or even hanging around doing a photo shoot!

This outfit is definitely for your inner rocker or Kendall Jenner. With a simple shift dress, you can accessorize pretty much however you want to. Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? 

Lastly, is one of my favorites; the cashmere turtleneck with a gray skirt. Once again, a perfect base for one's closet to wear to several occasions. This season, don't make it complicated and let your style show through simple pieces! Photography done by @jacguelli !!