I hold onto everything. I keep certain things for the memories and for the feelings that come along with them. Old birthday cards? Yup, I've still got them. Letters? Sure do. These things are disposable for some, but for me they have a lot of meaning. Sometimes, I go back and go through the things I have kept over the last few years. As I was packing for school this year, I came across really fond times. In one of the letters that I picked up, it read, "Reach as high as you can. Your star is waiting for you." 

A big trend this season is everything oversized. Big scarves, big sweaters, big clutches, big boots... it's marvelous! Here, I paired one of my favorite sweaters with some leather shorts, over-the-knee boots, a big printed scarf and an embellished clutch. I have gotten such great feedback from this outfit. What I find really helpful in creating an outfit like this is that each piece can stand alone, but put together it creates something really fun! 

Thank you to Julia Paige Design Photography for all photos in this post!! Stay tuned until next week for brand new fashion from WGSAY! xoxo