I recently got a paper back in one of my classes and in looking it over, I was really proud of myself. Not just proud because of the grade, but proud of its content. I put my heart into this paper; which was really a cathartic telling of emotion. My professor wrote that she was moved by my words. The realization that my words, or rather my feelings, could affect someone in that way was purifying and invigorating. 

When we become real, true and transparent, we become channels for others to do the same. As people, we look for the parts of ourselves that are the "best" and "worthy of projecting" to the world. What we leave out are usually the little things that we are embarrassed or unsure about.

Will people like me if I act this way? If I look like this? If I am different from them? 

When we pull the two halves of our exterior selves (that which we allow others to see) and our interior selves (that which we hold within) together, we become tangible, full and our best.