For a lot of people, some things just "click". I remember being a senior graduating from high school and feeling proud of getting through what high school was for me. I am sure a lot of people can relate. Someone once commented to my mother about me, "I can't wait to see where Kathleen goes and when it all clicks for her." Well, truth was I couldn't wait either and I felt sort of stuck in some ways. I felt limited. As soon as I was able to move into the next stage of my life (college), I felt like that clicking was starting to happen. Not entirely, but surely I knew that the projected click was to happen for me. Today, everything has clicked indeed and it is such an exhilarating feeling to experience. 

As I was trying to explain to one of my close friends very recently; I feel balanced. She wondered just "how or in what ways" do I feel balanced. That's when I was forced to vocalize my endeavors in reaching this so called balance. You see, when things do click for people, there is always an era of before and after. It may appear that someone has life figured out, but honestly, who truly has it figured out all of the time? Talking about this, I explained that every morning I wake up with the strong ambition that I want to do good, I want to feel good and I want to be good. In the past, there have been days where not all of those boxes have been checked off for lack of ambition. And you know what, that's okay.

Because being balanced isn't having a perfect life. Being balanced is learning to take an inventory of what is on your scale. Balanced is embracing who you are and all of the facets that are within. Balanced is allowing your past, mistakes or successes, to lay comfortably with your present and to even make room for your future. Balanced is looking up even when things may seem down a little bit. Balanced is remembering to breathe through both the big and the small. Balanced is learning to find your center where you are, not where you have been or where you will be. You only have right now. Every day isn't a promise and if you have ever felt a similar way, I want you to know that you aren't alone. There have been so many times when I have failed. There have been a lot of mistakes that I have made, but there have also been amazing successes. It may seem like today is not your day, but WOW, is it ever. It's your day to let everything click and allow yourself to feel the balance. 

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