Shadow Play

The light that comes in through a window only illuminates certain spots, creating shadows.

Under my nose, behind my eyes and through my hair, these shadows nestle, each one unique from the next.

I turn my face towards the light more and the shadows dance behind my head and next to my waist.

In reflex, I reach for the sun with the shadows that once grazed my lip now running south of my ear and some even lightly sitting on my shoulder.

Like a guardian angel, they are always there to remind me of who I am. Like a devil, they are always there to remind me of who I am not.

It feels good to be in the light because I feel warm there.

The warmth is beautiful to push against, but as it pushes back towards me,  I must acknowledge the chill that is contrasting beyond the light. 

Somehow, both are equally comforting and equally frightening. 

    Without shadows, what would one be? One dimensional and most likely flat. Just like paper dolls strung together, what sort of "perfect" life would that be? 

Photography done by Jacqueline Guelli. Visit her blog to get to know her!