I am starting to feel old... a little "grey" if you would. How is it that I am graduating college in a week when it seems like yesterday I was just heading off to elementary school? Now, I have nothing to do but to feel grown up (and land a job). 

There are many emotions that are fluttering around inside my heart. Nervousness, happiness, anticipation, excitement, hope and most of all, confidence. Someone recently asked me what my favorite memory of college was. Turns out, I couldn't think of one in particular. What I do consider my favorite part is how much laughter I have had with those special to me and the love that has grown from that.

 I am thankful for the care that I have given to my individuality over the last few years and  I am proud of who I am. I am proud that I have chosen to see the positive and to make the best out of my opportunities. I am proud that I have loved and fostered my passions fiercely. Lastly, I am proud that I have left room for more growth in the future. I'm glad I didn't "do it all" over the last few years because there is so much more life to live!

Through all of the trial and error that is college, I am more of a strong woman than ever and I am excited to take on the next chapter of my life titled: Adulthood.  

Details: Sweater; Calypso St. Barth. Skirt; Nordstrom. Bralette; Gentle Fawn (purchased at Ku De Ta). Shoes; Banana Republic.

All photography done by Julia Paige Design and Photography