Loss of a Legend

This past week, Mr. Bill Cunningham, fashion photographer for the New York Times, passed away. I never had the chance to meet Bill, but even still, he has impacted my life immensely. 

I remember exactly where I was when I first discovered who he was. I was in a Barnes & Noble reading a copy of the NYT. I was flipping through the ink blotted pages when I stumbled upon this spread of fashion images in the Style section. Of course, this sparked my interest and I became invested. As I was intently looking at the images, I was amazed at the detail the photographer put in to creating this spread. The theme, the colors, the variety of subjects... the list could go on. I remember thinking, "Wow, they all look so different, but they all go together!" In watching his documentary, "Bill Cunningham New York" shortly after, I fell even more in love with the incredible soul and heart that Bill had. 

With his famous blue coat and his bicycle, he made his way around the streets of New York, keeping his eye out for what he thought was beautiful. His work didn't just reflect style, it reflected people in such a real form. More than the clothes, it's the personalities that shine through the photographs that make his work so unique. Revolutionizing street style photography, he took the otherwise unnoticed and made it a powerful statement, letting us in on what was behind his eyes. The dedication, the love and the passion that Bill had for his work and for the people he photographed will always continue to inspire me and I hope many others. In honor of him, I dedicate this post and thank him for being such a driving force of why I love what I do.

I hope the fashion is just as good among the angels, Bill!

Photos from NY mag.