Vogue VS. Bloggers

This week, Vogue published an insulting article with quotes from a couple of Vogue editors bashing fashion bloggers. In an attempt to call bloggers out for what they do for a living and "real" fashion, the editors made fools of themselves. Making claims that all bloggers are wannabes and uneducated, the things written were unfair. I have long respected Vogue, not just as a publication, but in some ways as an institution. After reading what was said, I felt sad for my fellow bloggers and even worse for those who thought they had the right to say these things. When one thinks fashion, Vogue often comes to mind. However, even Vogue and those who reside at Vogue, are not absolute and can be indeed wrong sometimes. In this same turn, bloggers also come to mind when one thinks fashion. In a digital culture, blogging has become a phenomenon, in some ways trumping the domain of print fashion journalism.

As a blogger myself, I have endured the questions in speculation of what being a blogger really is. Many assume that it's a hall pass for free stuff or social status, but really it's not quite like that. Being a blogger is all what you want it to be. I consider myself a writer, a creator, a stylist, a dreamer, a business woman and an entrepreneur in training. "In training" because I am always learning. I am always looking to move to the next step and to try something new. I crave adventure and inspiration. Doesn't this sound like many career fields? 

Something important I took away from this Vogue vs. Bloggers issue was that we need to bring back respect for one another. I don't care if your an editor or a doctor, let's stop insulting each other's profession. There is room for all of us here on this earth and there is room for all of us to succeed! In an industry (and dare I say, universe) that has been built on the foundation of women, us girls need to stick together rather than tear each other apart!

All photography by Molly Quinn Photography. 

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