Empowering Pants

One of the things I love about the fashion industry is the way we can all be unique from one another. Each choice, each outfit, or each accessory is a tidbit of who we are. That isn't to say that who or what you wear defines you, but it is a window into how you live, how you love. My style is sometimes very girly, sometimes edgy, sometimes inspired by other bloggers!

I love that everyday I wake up, I get to play dress up with my style. Recently, I have been taking risks, wearing unique pieces and statement outfits. It has really been a test of confidence and self love for me. As a young woman, I find that there can be a lot of "standards". It makes those style choices even more risky and further, makes feeling proud of the body underneath the clothes on the docket of being judged. Well, after some real thought of how I feel about those standards, I must say: I only dress for me. I love wearing whatever I feel like, whatever makes me feel strong, confident and beautiful. My style isn't so much about the trend or the public image as it's about the internal workings of my mind. I love my body, my personality and my ever changing style.

I want to see more of those inspiring women who have motivated me to take those fashion "risks". I want to see more of the real and less of the photoshop. I find it really important to reinforce the idea that your style should never be a choice to fit in. Fashion is always changing, but your style is who you are. Wear it proudly. 

All photography done by Molly Quinn Photography. 

Shirt; Bobbles and Lace ($30). Overalls; BCBG ($100). Slip ons; Steve Madden ($70). Bag; Forever 21 ($20). Sunglasses; Ray Ban ($200).