Love Your Body, Love Yourself

I keep hearing other women talk about themselves and truthfully, it is really upsetting. "Ugh, I'm not tall enough..." "Look how fat I am..." "I wish I had a different nose..." are all examples of what I keep hearing and I know others are hearing it too. Heck, we probably all have these moments where we just don't feel good about ourselves. When we hear things like this, it can be hard to know what to say because of course we want to make them feel better, but we want to say the right thing. So I have been trying a little experiment.... When I have heard comments of this nature, I tend to respond like, "I think you look cute!" or "Oh, please!", which are good responses don't get me wrong! However, maybe there is a stronger way to react. The other day I heard someone say "No I hate the way I look." In that moment I almost used one of my go-to responses but I decided, you know what, I am so sad that we talk about ourselves this way. I decided to confidently respond to her and say, "You look beautiful." As she looked over at me, I could see the way this jarred her, the way it caught her off guard, but I could also see the way it made her feel lighter and more positive. I wonder if we could all confidently pass on the idea of "you are *insert a confidently positive comment here*" how much of a difference that would make.