Met Gala Recap

As many of you probably know, the Met Gala was this past Monday. Every year, I love keeping up with this event in both schemes of the event; for the fashion and the art. The theme of the gala this year was "Rei Kawakubo/Comme de Garcons: Art of the In-Between." As someone who has only appreciated the designer from afar, I have admired the way that Rei Kawakubo has brought her unique take of fashion to the industry. Her vibe is different from the likes of other designers like Versace or Marchesa, being that she does not take the traditional "pretty" dress and put it on the runway. She is the essence of avant-garde for the sake of her unusual structures (or lack thereof) and the use of materials to construct a beautiful, intricate work of art. Some would say that "fashion is not art..." I disagree. If we look to designers like Rei, we can certainly find the link between fashion and art. 

I was so excited to see the looks debuted on the red carpet this year, but I was severely disappointed. I realize that not everyone wants to dress on theme or wear something so extravagant that it is difficult to sit down, but the lack of effort was so apparent. Very few hit the mark for this year in my opinion. There were so many that looked beautiful and that isn't the point that I strive to make here. I am disappointed in the lack of effort because we need more exposure to the arts in our society. I want to see more appreciation for not just fashion designers, but artists alike that have influenced this world in positive ways. Like Kawakubo, she creates beautiful garments that teach you to not focus on the body.  To see that the greater part of the attendees chose to go in a different, more "attractive" direction makes me think of the ways that art scares some. The Met Gala shouldn't be about the sexiest dress, let's save that for the awards season, but more about the art and the institution of the Met itself. It is a charity event after all. Below are a few of the best looks of the night (in my opinion). 

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