I get really excited to tell people that I am a sister. What often follows is, "Are you the oldest or the youngest?" Even though I was born first, sometimes I look to my younger sisters for guidance. Age really has no meaning if we think about it. 

My sister Molly is a sophomore at Emmanuel College as a Studio Art major. Molly and I have always had a uniquely tender and creative bond. We connect on multiple levels, but my favorite way to understand Molly is through her art work. Since she was very little, she always had a way of speaking with her eyes. When I look at her art work, whether photography or mixed media, I feel as if she has lent me her eyes. Through a lens of honest, captivating blue, she allows for the viewer to understand her perspective right away, as if her emotions are transposed to become theirs.

I invited Molly to share her final project from her photography class this past semester, which showcases the hands of some of the most important people in her life. When she first told me about the concept, I was no doubt impressed. Seeing the final product is even more stunning. What really struck me was the writing piece that accompanied it. As you read it below and view the photos, keep in mind the state of our world, the state of our country, the state of our communities and the state of our families. What Molly puts into words is how we could define love and kindness... empathy and compassion. 


Whose hand do you reach for in times of hardship?

Who do you go to when you seek refuge?

I often go towards my family and close friends to feel this sense of warmth and safety. The bond I have with the ones I love help me get back up on my feet and begin again

In this series of photos, I exhibit the hands of my loved ones. I cherish these relationships, as they are the ones I turn to for guidance and wisdom. They instill faith in me and keep me moving. 

As I reach out, they reach back. 

I am here because of them, and I feel that refuge within the connections we share." 

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