Vintage Blazer

Tonight I was in an Uber heading home and I had such a thought provoking conversation with the driver. Sometimes they don't say much and the car ride is quiet, but other times they are looking to talk. My driver's name was Nathanael and he moved here from Ethiopia 6 years ago. He told me how he did graphic design full time so we connected over the creative aspects of our work.

A few minutes went by after he had asked me a few general questions and then he asked me, "Can I ask you a personal question? What would you say you like about yourself?" I was shocked- I wasn't sure at first how to answer because I felt a little vulnerable as I didn't want to be judged based on my answer. Then I figured, why not? I told him, "I love my work ethic, my passion and I love that I am an optimist." I then asked him the same question to which he replied, "I love that family comes first to me and I love that I am open minded to trying new things." I thought wow, this person that I have only talked to for 10 minutes has so much in common with me.

I really appreciated the fact that he was bold in asking the question and feel like it can be hard to point out the things we do like about ourselves. I mean really, how easy is it to criticize ourselves (or others)? The coolest part is that we both felt confident in saying how we felt, which can be rare in this day and age. To connect with people, especially when you're just trying to get from place to place, can be awkward but how special if we allow for those few minutes to teach us a lesson 

Blazer; Vintage. Jeans; Levis. Bodysuit; Free People. Earrings; Marshall's. Boots; Zara. Bag; LIT Boutique. Belt; Leatherman Dan. 

Photography done by Molly Quinn Photography.