I was asked at the beginning of the week what I was going to do to give myself some “self-care”. At first, I felt vulnerable and unsure of what to say because I hadn’t “planned” anything specific. As so many of you reached out in response to my post last week, I was overwhelmed with the reminder that it’s all about the little things.

This week, I’ve been reading more, which is one of the bullet points on my 2018 Goals List. Personally, I feel reading magazine articles (both print and online) is not only very therapeutic, but it allows for me to zoom in on a specific topic, to digest the meaning and to actively respond to it. As much as I love reading books, it can take me a bit to adjust to the stop and go! 

I find so many great articles on Thrive Global, a platform created by Arianna Huffington. The topics fall under all different categories like well-being, mindfulness and community. It’s been ultra refreshing to absorb bubbles of information or perspective rather than gossip this week. Now to come up with what I will do for self-care next week... any suggestions? 


All photography by Juliette Laura.