Coffee Date

The world is actually pretty busy on a Sunday morning. Especially in a place like Starbucks! 



For many, Sunday is just the day before Monday. But if we look at it the right way, Sunday's are just the start of new chances! Julia and I sat down at Starbucks on Boylston St. in Boston and as I looked around, I saw several of the people there hunched over their computers, phones and paperwork. Very few people were seated across from a friend, enjoying their company or even enjoying their own company. 




Sweater and jeans; H&M. Shoes; Vince Camuto. Bag; Vintage Ann Taylor.



Just that same morning, I woke up and I stayed in bed for a few extra minutes. I looked up at the ceiling as the slabs of light darted across the plaster with such excitement and anticipation. It was calming to watch this transition and quite beautiful. These moments that go so unnoticed are eye opening. Why is it that we so often miss them? Why is it that when we go to sit down in a coffee shop the space between us all is tense and busy? Relax into your cup of caffeine, smile at those across from you and watch how the light dances over the shoulders of those in line. These little things can change your day, your week and if you let them, they can change your life!

All photography courtesy of Julia Paige Design and Photography. See more of her work HERE

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