Off The Shoulder Knit

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with a customer at work. Somehow we stumbled on the topic of Florence, Italy! I was quickly excited, my smile plastered on my face. My smile definitely wasn't going anywhere once we started in on the food of Florence! Panini's aside, I was filled with so many nostalgic feelings, I could feel the goosebumps come over me! Since this conversation, I haven't stopped thinking about my whole entire experience there and the multitude of things I am grateful for because of it. As I have done before, I have decided to let you all in on an excerpt from my journal that I kept while I was there... 

May 7, 2015: I am in my favorite hideaway in Florence. Its a small lookout onto the river, with a canopy of wisteria around me. As I sit nestled there in the peacefulness, my mind is wandering... How could any place be so calm, yet so alive? How do we come to see these little details that don't always stand out to us? 

When the sky is the perfect shade of light blue, that's when you know you are observing the right things in this world. When you notice that the wind is just enough to cool you off, making you smile along the way. This moment feels like the greatest thing you have ever experienced. When you sit there, with no pressure to feel anything but bliss. When breathing the bliss in and out, what you are looking at becomes the prettiest thing you have ever seen, that is when you know you are not just seeing, you are living.  

Sweater; Bobbles and Lace ($60). Jeans; AG Jeans ($100). Boots; Zara ($60). Necklace; c/o Boston Baubles (shop here).

All photography done by Molly Quinn Photography.