Paths to Success

I really believe that everyone has the capability of being successful. This all starts with one's mentality. If you believe, you can achieve! I have often struggled where something didn't go as planned or as I would have hoped. However, instead of letting those struggles get the best of me, I get creative with my options. As my grandfather has said, "Each path plays a role in the destination..." Let us not fear the yellow wood that is less traveled by. Sometimes taking a detour leads us to an even greater feeling of success when all is said and done!

I received several compliments on this outfit the other day! In Boston, we were expecting 80 degree weather again so I really tried to brace myself! Keeping things very simple with a knit bodysuit and high waisted culottes, I added the lace up shoes and olive green moto-jacket to spice things up!! The colors with the yellow foliage really are amazing. How fitting too with my "yellow wood" analogy!

Pants; Zara ($20). Bodysuit; Forever21 ($10). Shoes; Steve Madden ($30). Jacket; Nordstrom Rack ($50). Necklaces; Boston Baubles ($50). Watch; Daniel Wellington ($140).

All photography in this post done by Molly Quinn Photography!!