There's Proof!

Stumbling on the really fun things in life... it takes you by such a great surprise!

Julia and I took a trip over to South Boston to venture into the world that is "Lawn on D". They had music, food trucks, games and OF COURSE these giant swings. It's amazing that I never knew this was here... I really want one of these swings in my backyard.

You can't go to a place as such and not have a cute outfit on. I wore skinny jeans, a burnt orange tank and this printed, airy jacket. I paired the outfit with my cheetah cross body and my new jewelry from Rocksbox! 

This months shipment included this awesome stone bangle, a delicate necklace and a very cool double ring! To try out your Rocksbox, get the first month FREE with my code, WHENGREYSKIESXOXO. 

Jeans; J. Crew. Top; H&M. Jacket; Loft. Bag; Jessica Simpson. Sunglasses; Steve Madden. Jewelry; c/o Rocksbox. Shoes; handmade in Capri.


My hair is always my favorite accessory. It completes any look to have it styled and since being back from Europe, I have been searching for a great hair product that gives me that salon quality. Well, talk about stumbling upon the fun things in life because Living Proof products are just that. Yep, this is the hair care line that is backed by Jen Aniston and it totally rocks like she does. I tried out the "Perfect Hair Day" line and I really did love the lightweight feel that it gave my hair. Not to mention, I love the smell of the products. 

With Living Proof, my hair has come back to its restored ability. I'm totally going to use this stuff until I can't anymore! Make sure to check them out at for more info on their brand, the different products and the science of it all! You will not regret it!

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P.S. There is a special project coming up for WGSAY... it's going to be sweet!

Until next Thursday...


Greyfully Yours,